Berdnikov Photography

                     ­­­­About Yuri Berdnikov

Yuri Berdnikov is an award winning photographer specializing in different types of photography, loves his job and considers it an interesting thing to do.

He took part in many Photography Exhibitions (more than 100) and organized and held 20 personal ones.

Yuri photographs are used to design night clubs, cafes and offices. His work is also represented In Photo Albums and Photo Calendars.

The most important Photography Exhibitions of Yuri Berdnikov took place in Latvia and abroad.

  • Personal Photography Exhibition “ Euforia” Riga, Mensendorf House
  • An Award Winner of the main prize of  The International Photography Festival “Amber Breeze” , organized by agency  “Anna Maria” , Riga.  The main prize was sponsored by “Sony Baltia”
  • Personal Photography Exhibition “Two Sides”- Vilnius, Lithuania  Cultural Centre
  • Trainee Wedding Photographer , Moscow, Russia
  • Jurij’s held 4 personal -The Art of Wedding Photography exhibitions in Latvia from 2011 to 2019
  • An award winner of International Contest- “35 Awards” joined the list of Top-150 photographers in nomination “Male Portrait Photography”
  • Personal  Photo Portrait Exhibition “People and their Calling” Park Hotel Latgola, Daugavpils, Latvia 2021

As a photographer I like to work in many different types of Photography but the main ones are Model Photography, Child Photography and Advertising Photography.

I would be very glad to make interesting Photographs for you.