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This Photography Theme could be called in a number of different ways – “People and their profession” or “The Portrait Photos Of Interesting People” but the point remains the same – the characters of this photography gallery are people who have achieved results in their profession and are interesting personalities.
The idea to make this project was born in 2019 and most likely was given by TV Series about
People Of Our Time. I wanted to create something similar in Portrait Photography as well.
The idea is probably not new but in author’s interpretation it can get a different meaning.
I had a desire to do something that would be different and in my own style. I wanted to create something alternative in comparison to what photographers normally make to order.

The first person and model for my photo portrait project “People And Their Calling” was
famous historian and ethnographer Alexander Dmitriev.
It was a very good feeling when one of the portrait photos of Alexander Dmitriev received
an award at prestigious international photo contest “35 Awards”, 117000 photographers
from 176 countries took part in this contest in 2019. I became one of the Top 150 photographers in nomination “Male Portrait Photography” 2020 by decision of the contest’s jury because of photo portrait of Alexander Dmitriev.

Apart from the historian’s Alexander Dmitriev’s portrait photo, the Photo Gallery
presents photos and portrait photos of  interesting people – blacksmith Edgar
Vronsky, painter Alina Petkun, scientist Mihail Pupinsh, painter Grigory Miheev, sculptor
Dmitry Jakimchuk and Ivo Folkmanis, actress Milena Savkina, pilots Vasily Kiselev and
Alexander Zarinsh, wrestler Anastasija Grigorjeva, musicians Red and Inga
(music group “Fedotoff”), singer Olga Mitroshina (lives and works in France),
university professor and doctor of economics Teodor Bikovsky. All together about 15 people.


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